The spring is just beginning

The spring is just beginning

We haven’t started singing

My soul’s already jumping from my chest, --

And then they came to pester

With escorts, with escorts

And told me, “hurry up, get dressed!”

Oh how I begged the sergeant to re-think:

“Don’t take me away from the spring!”

Til May, with no progression--

They asked for my confession,

But I was stubborn! Forty days they’ve tried.

But then, my heart was pierced, --

My Katharine was seized

And the detective gained more rights than I.

I understood that I began to sink.

Just through the window, let me see the spring!

And once again, it’s starting,

In train cars, we’re departing

And rail junctions measure what’s ahead.

And in the light of day, --

Maples and birches sway

And all of them are begging “Don’t forget!”

The lads were waving, standing on the brink.

Why do they steal me away from the spring?

In asking Kathy I was very prudent:

“Let’s leave now?” –“We shouldn’t.”

“I’ve had it up to here! – this isn’t right!”

And so replied, my Kathy:

“You’ve had it, you’ve had it.”

We ran away through tundra in the night.

How warm was her embrace, oh just to think! –

So this is what you’re like, my lovely spring!

And only two days passed

Those bitches sensed our tracks, --

Like dogs, they sensed the path we’ve trod, --

Those bitches had no right

Our legs and arms were tied--

Like carrion they dragged us through the mud.

No longer will I ever dream a thing,

I’ve lost all ties to my beloved spring!
Vladimir Vysotsky
Read in English and Russian