Alexey Tolstoy poems in English

  1. Amidst the Noisy Ball
  2. Autumn
  3. Do Not Believe
  4. My little almond tree

Do Not Believe

Do not believe, my dearest, when I say
That I no longer love you.
When the tide ebbs do not believe the sea -
It will return anew.

Already I long for you, and passion fills me,
I yield my freedom thus to you once more.
Already the waves return with shouts and glee
To fill again that same belovèd shore.
Alexey Tolstoy
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Autumn 'tis! Our garden stands
Flowerless and bare,
Dizzy whirling yellow leaves
Fill the wind swept air.
Yet the distant mountain ash
In the vale below,
With our favorite berries red
Now begins to glow.
While with rapture and with pain
Throbbing in my breast,
Pressing hot thy hands in mine,
Silent, unexpressed--
Fondly gazing in thine eyes,
Through my tears I see--
That I can never tell thee
How dear thou art to me!
Alexey Tolstoy
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Amidst the Noisy Ball

Amidst the noisy ball, in Hell
Of everyday distress,
I’ve seen you, but the secret’s veil
Was covering your face.

Your fair eyes were sad and bright,
And voice was so sweet,
As sound of a pipe apart
Or murmur of the sea.

I’ve liked your fine and slender waist,
And thoughtful image, whole,
And sound of your voice -- it nests
Forever in my soul...

When tired, in my lone nights,
I lie down to pause --
And see your beautiful sad eyes,
And hear your merry voice.

And, sad, I fall asleep to see
My dreams that run above...
I’m sure not whether I love thee --
But, maybe, I’m in love.
Alexey Tolstoy
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