Alexander Pushkin poems in English

  1. A little bird
  2. A wish
  3. All’s finished: you and I are fractured
  4. Arion
  5. As freedom\'s sower in the wasteland
  6. Awakening
  7. Bacchanal Song
  8. Beauty
  9. Confession
  10. Curious
  11. Deep in Siberia\'s mines, let naught
  12. Devils
  13. Drowned
  14. Elegy
  15. Flower
  16. I have endured my desire...
  17. I have outlasted all desire... (ver. 2)
  18. I loved you and this love by chance...
  19. I loved you... (ver. 2)
  20. I will be silenced soon...
  21. If you were deceived by life (Если жизнь тебя обманет Ver. 2)
  22. Impromptu on Ogareva
  23. I\'ve lived to see desire vanish... (ver.3)
  24. Lisa is afraid to love
  25. Morpheus
  26. Motion
  27. Muse
  28. My Beauty, Do Not Sing For Me
  29. My friend, I have forgotten all that’s passed
  30. My friend, it’s time
  31. Night
  32. O blazing Muse
  33. Oh what a night
  34. Old man
  35. On hills of Georgia lies the covering of night
  36. On the hills of Georgia lies the darkness of the night (Ver. 2)
  37. Presentiment
  38. Remembrance
  39. Rose-maiden, no, I do not quarrel
  40. She
  41. Shoemaker
  42. Should this life sometime deceive you
  43. Solitude
  44. Storm-cloud
  45. Tempest
  46. The Captive
  47. The Maiden
  48. The old man
  49. The Poet
  50. The Portrait
  51. The Prisoner
  52. The Prophet
  53. The Prophet (Ver. 2)
  54. The Singer
  55. The Talisman
  56. The Talisman (ver. 2)
  57. The Talisman (ver. 3)
  58. The Tenth Commandment
  59. The Upas Tree
  60. This time\'s the final time...
  61. Thou and You
  62. To *** (I still recall that wondrous moment...)
  63. To *** (I still remember that amazing moment) (ver. 2)
  64. To Chaadaev (ver. 2)
  65. To Chaadayev
  66. To friends
  67. To Lily
  68. To My Nanny
  69. To Natasha
  70. To the Baby
  71. To the Sea
  72. Verses, composed during a night of insomnia
  73. Wandering the noisy streets
  74. What means my name to you?
  75. What\'s in my name?..
  76. When in the heat
  77. When in the heat (ver. 2)
  78. Winter evening
  79. Winter evening (ver. 2)
  80. Winter morning
  81. Winter road

But I was born for peaceful roaming

“55 But I was born for peaceful roaming, For country calm and lack of strife; My lyre sings! And in the gloaming My fertile fancies spring to life. I give myself to harmless pleasures And far niente rules my leisures: Each morning early I’m awake To wander by the lonely lake Or seek some other sweet employment: I read a little, often sleep, For fleeting fame I do not weep. And was it not in past enjoyment Of shaded, idle times like this, I spent my days of deepest bliss?”
Alexander Pushkin
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Such a beginning presaged nothing good

“Such a beginning presaged nothing good. However, I lost neither courage nor hope. I turned to the consolation of all those in distress, and for the first time tasted the sweetness of prayer, poured forth from a pure but riven heart. I fell asleep serenely, unworried as to what was to become of me.”
Alexander Pushkin
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I rode to meet you

“I rode to meet you: dreams
like living beings swarmed around me
and the moon on my right side
followed me, burning.

I rode back: everything changed.
My soul in love was sad
and the moon on my left side
trailed me without hope.

To such endless impressions
we poets give ourselves absolutely,
making, in silence, omen of mere event,
until the world reflects the deepest needs of the soul.”
Alexander Pushkin
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Young man!

“Young man! If my notes should fall into your hands, remember that the best and most enduring changes are those which stem from an improvement in moral behaviour, without any violent upheaval.”
Alexander Pushkin
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I've come to prefer the more steady Bordeaux

“.. and these days I've come to prefer the more steady Bordeaux. I am no longer up to champagne from Ay: it's like a mistress: sparkling, flighty, vivacious, wayward - and not to be trusted. But Bordeaux is like a friend who in time of trouble and misfortune stands by us always, anywhere, ready to give us help, or just to share our quiet leisure. So raise your glasses - to our friend Bordeaux!”
Alexander Pushkin
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