Oh, Morpheus, give me joy till morning
For my forever painful love:
Just blow out candles' burning
And let my dreams in blessing move.
Let from my soul disappear
The separation's sharp rebuke!
And let me see that dear look,
And let me hear voice that dear.
And when will vanish dark of night
And you will free my eyes at leaving,
Oh, if my heart would have a right
To lose its love till dark of evening!
Alexander Pushkin
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The Maiden

I always said to you: beware the maiden dear!
I knew she lures hearts with strengths she can’t forebear.
Oh, my presumptuous friend! I knew that in her shade
Impossible to seek another pretty maid.
And, having lost his hope, forgot of treason’s pleasures,
In her vicinity a thoughtful youngster blazes,
Pets of great gods and captains of fate’s fleets
Bring their love prayers to her charming feet;
But all their ardency is scorned by the girl proud –
Which, cast down her glance, not sees nor hears around.
Alexander Pushkin
Read in English and Russian